Danpalon 3DLITE Panel

Danpalon 3DLITE





Unique System Benefits

  • Dynamic look
  • Flexible solution for summer and winter
  • Optimizes daylight throughout the day
  • Wide variety of colors


Optimizing natural light in buildings is an ongoing challenge. Danpalon 3DLITE is an advanced, innovative product developed by Danpal®, enabling architects to design creatively while contributing to energy savings and increased lighting efficiency. Danpalon 3DLITE contains alternating integrated shading louvers which selectively control the sunlight to penetrate evenly during the day while offering thermal insulation and a special dynamic look.



Balancing Daylight Throughout the Day

Danpalon 3DLITE presents a fixed, cost-effective solution for optimizing daylight in office buildings, shopping malls, schools, libraries, stadiums, museums, and more.
The alternating integral louvers are specially designed to balance the light throughout the day, reducing heat to the building and scattering the light. 3DLITE allows the sun’s rays to penetrate through at higher levels during the morning and afternoon while reducing heat in the middle of the day.

Danpalon® 3DLITE Panel

Unique in the market, with its interplay of three-dimensional colors and depth, Danpalon 3DLITE gives you the freedom design with inspirational creativity. Get inspired with a free sample >