Living Green at ASA Expo 2019



30 April to 5 May 2019 saw the latest edition of the 33rd ASA Architect Expo 19 take place, held this year, in Bangkok Thailand. This year’s event welcomed approximately 400 000 visitors, primarily from the ASEAN member state countries. 850 exhibitors were spread out amongst 60 000 sqm of exhibition space, provided by the magnificent IMPACT Muang Thong Thani complex.

The theme of this year’s event was ‘Living Green’, which examined ideas of sustainability within architecture and design. The concept encourages the use of innovative and environmentally-friendly materials and seeks to develop the integration of local wisdom with modern technology, to create a greener future for all. With the focus firmly on GREEN, Danpal’s local regional partner in Thailand, Vispac, secured a stand and represented our strong commitment to the Green Building revolution.

ASA EXPO – VISPACVispac, represented by a team of 4 of their best and brightest, spent the 6 days showcasing the unique benefits Danpal Systems has to offer their local industry partners. Paul Potivongsajarn, Vispac’s manager of Building Envelope Systems, confirmed with us, that his team took the time to focus on 3 key points relevant to their market. These points were namely;

1. The nearly unlimited potential that our Danpal Systems has to offer, whether it be in the broad choice of solutions or the ever-expanding range of Danpalon panel types.

2. Danpal’s completely unique range of Façade systems such as our Danpatherm K12 and K7 variants, unmatched in their local market.

3. Our Skylight Roofing Solutions, recently bolstered by the inclusion of our Danpal RK7 Roofing System, which delivers ultra-low U-Values of 0.79.

By engaging this year’s visitors, using Danpal’s vast array of Green building envelope systems, Vispac’s team of representatives were able to easily ‘catch the eye’ of the architectural professionals in attendance. In fact, their stand garnered great success, with over 350 unique registrations recorded by attending built environment professionals. Nearly a third of these architectural professionals had an immediate interest in Danpal’s offerings, some of whom, directly for current projects.

ASA EXPO – VISPACThe ability to gain new projects, by highlighting Danpal’s Green Building credentials, was a welcome boost for Vispac. Our partner in Thailand clearly had spent the time and effort in setting up a professional stand, aimed at showcasing the best we have to offer. Their time spent at the show also enabled Vispac to re-market themselves to existing customers whilst also introducing themselves to new potential clients from further afield. To top it all off, Vispac used the opportunity to meet with new project owners, many of whom, new to Danpal’s solutions but ready to implement our take on ‘Living Green’.

After discussing the results of their participation in this year’s ASA Architect Expo 19, Paul provided us with the following input. Vispac will definitely attend one of the coming ASA Expo’s, where they will again highlight Danpal and our range of building envelope solutions. The team believes that there is a lot of potential within their market, as our systems are unparalleled and unmatched in Thailand. Their biggest challenge, which they have taken head-on, is to educate their market on the concept of what we call ‘Light Architecture’. A concept that encompasses the core tenants of both, the global Green Building trend and Danpal’s vision of the future.