About The Company

Danpal® creates exceptional light-transmitting architectural systems providing optimal solar and thermal comfort

For over 50 years, our state-of-the-art systems have helped architects to transform light (both natural and artificial) into a powerful and versatile tool, for architectural creations that are internally and externally radiant.

Our vision guides everything we do. We aim to become the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative and complete light architecture systems for the building envelope.

Danpal’s unique, tailor-made daylighting solutions provide architects with an endless source of creative possibilities and the highest standards of quality. Our solutions meet the most stringent requirements in terms of design, comfort, engineering and aesthetics, together with energy efficiency, helping conserve the world’s natural resources.

Perfect for facades, cladding, roofing, skylights and shading applications, Danpal® makes it easy to design natural daylight environments. We offer customers a complete system of premium quality and customized solutions that can be supplied ready-to-install.

Danpal® is a global company operating in five continents, through global distribution and operation and six regional subsidiaries.

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Why Choose Danpal?


Danpal systems turn any architectural structure into a work of art.
Architects are constantly seeking innovative solutions and raw materials to create the extraordinary. We understand architects’ needs to the last detail. Since our establishment, Danpal’s state-of-the-art systems have given architects the creative freedom to experiment with daylight in ever more experimental and inventive ways. With our advanced technologies, architects can create buildings that balance light, heat and aesthetics.

Our extensive range of colours, textures and reflections, offers architects a rich palette for creating inspired structures that illuminate the user’s experience – indoors and out, at any time of day.

Danpal® inspires architectural creativity with its rainbow of light architecture solutions. With over 50 years’ experience offering unique solutions to architects – Danpal® have supported a multitude of innovative and renowned architectural projects around the world covering millions of SQM.

When you choose Danpal®, you choose light-transmitting architectural paneling systems with unmatched diversity and creative potential. Our customized and easy-to-install range of systems literally transform light – whether natural or artificial – into a powerful and versatile tool, for architectural creations that radiate inside and out.

Danpal advise and support architects, owners and contractors from the project  planning stage to the  final  design and installation.



The first company to develop the translucent panel standing seam system
Danpal® systems are built around innovative technologies, deep architectural know-how and the ever evolving needs of our clients. As market leaders, we constantly strive to advance daylighting, and deliver the most cutting edge systems.

Since its inception, Danpal® has earned a reputation as an industry visionary. Danpal® was the first company to develop the translucent panel standing seam system – a light architecture solution used around the world in commercial, education, transport, health, sports and high-tech projects. We were also the first company to produce a polycarbonate system with a double connection, forming the basis of the other Danpal® products and leading the market in this field.

Continuous innovation is one of our founding values. As market leaders, we assume responsibility for both maintaining the highest levels of performance, and developing the next generations of light architecture systems.

We believe in harnessing our engineering ability to create extremely durable products with excellent resistance to high wind loads, earthquakes and water penetration, as well as systems which are easy and quick to install.



Danpal® offers a brilliant range of daylight harnessing architectural solutions designed for building envelopes.
Working closely with architects, our solution starts at the design stage and continues with specification until the full technical and final building details.

The company designs, manufactures and distributes an unmatched range of daylighting systems for all types of building requirements – from facades, cladding, roofs, skylights, shading, to interior and outdoor applications. Constant innovation has solidified our role as the industry leader providing complete daylighting solutions. We offer customers a total system of premium quality and customised solutions that can be supplied ready-to-install.



We believe in a natural light and wellbeing
Danpal harnesses natural light to aid the human spirit.
Much like air and water, light is essential to life and architecture alike. It provides comfort, is conducive to health, and plays a crucial role in helping to determine space, form, texture and color.

We believe in moderation
If you allow too much light into your architectural creations, it will bring undesired glare and unbearable ambient heat. As with anything in life – moderation is key, and it is this moderation that Danpal’s systems are designed to deliver.

We believe in visual and thermal equilibrium
Danpal® uses materials with superior flexibility, transparency, tonal qualities and insulating properties. Danpal® systems assure balanced thermal comfort, while their translucency ensures optimal visual comfort and even light diffusion.

We believe in engineering innovation
Danpal provides the engineering answers for any creative design. Our innovative systems have taken the architectural world by storm with outstanding technical features offering engineering and design flexibility.

We believe in environmental harmony
Danpal® enables architects to harness natural resources in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner. Our solutions require minimal maintenance and offer high thermal insulation properties and excellent control of energy consumption, resulting in substantial life cycle cost savings.