Danpal to Attend Thailand Architect Expo ‘19

Architects, contractors, and developers from all over Thailand and rest of Asi will be visiting largest exhibition in ASEAN that showcases architecture, and construction materials and technology.

Architect Expo ’19 takes place in Bangkok, and runs from April 30-May 05 with an estimated 350,000 participants expected, from all parts of Thailand. Architect Expo ’19 is also considered to be one of the leading exhibitions of its kind in the region. This International Event showcases emerging with the objective to show the country’s potential in every aspect of architecture, such as construction technology, products for architecture, from interior to landscape.

Following a long history of Danpal, providing daylight solutions for both roofing and façades within Thai market, Danpal® has some exciting news. We are proud to be presenting our next generation of advanced light architectural systems, for the building envelope, at Thailand Architect Expo ‘19. Danpal’s new generation of products are at the leading edge of the global Green Building trend. The central message of this prevailing trend is to provide energy saving solutions for building envelope applications as used in; roofing, façades, cladding, solar shading, and interiors.

The exhibition will be held at the Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani; our Danpal® stand can be found at F602.

With more than 50 years of experience in offering aesthetic solutions for architects, Danpal® is particularly well suited to take part in this year’s exhibition. Our company, serving architectural needs on five continents, has supported a multitude of innovative projects all around the world. By choosing Danpal® for your architectural vision, you are choosing from the entire spectrum of natural light. You are being given the chance to select a Danpal® paneling system, possessing a peerless diversity and enabling a level of creativity, which inspires both architects and their clients alike.

Danpal® is highly regarded in the architectural industry for our outstanding level of quality products. We look forward to catching up with many of the architects, project owners and contractors at the conference, whom we have had the pleasure of working within the past. For attendees, the exhibition is a unique opportunity to network with colleagues, friends, and students. All of whom, will have come to share in the debates, enjoy the exhibition, and take part in the various tours and festivals that make Architect Expo ’19 – the perfect meeting place.

As the world becomes truly global, so do its buildings and the creative impulses that mark a structure in one part of the world can eagerly be adapted to suit the geography of another region. Architects are diplomats with blueprints and the world which they build, is one which reflects the latest research in sustainability, environmental awareness. This ultimately culminates in the timeless beauty of the structures in which we work, study, entertain and live our lives.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Danpal® stand – Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani; F602.

If you cannot attend the exhibition and you want information about our solutions and systems? Contact our team of professionals HERE!